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House Captain

We held our annual House Captain elections recently to decide who would lead our four house this year.

Potential candidates firstly had to apply for the positions and then those who were successfully chosen produced a campaign poster to rally support from the other pupils. After a week of voting and counting of ballot slips, the following pupils were elected and will lead their houses throughout this academic year. Congratulations to all our successful students and a huge thank you to everyone how helped and supported with the elections.


Hanover - House Captain - Leah Thompson

                 Sports Captain - Freddy Parsons

                 Arts Captain - Max English


Tudor - House Captain - Olivia Walker

                 Sports Captain - Eva Walker

                 Arts Captain - Isabelle Cox


Windsor - House Captain - Freya Snead

                 Sports Captain - Henry  Bennett

                 Arts Captain - Christopher Hadley


Stuart - House Captain - Lily Jenkins

                 Sports Captain - Leo Cerrone

                 Arts Captain - Kayla Edwards