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Year 6 Trip to Panto

On Thursday 9th December the Year 6 pupils and teachers went to see Jack and The Beanstalk at Redditch Palace Theatre.

Having spoken to other pupils we rated our experience as 5 Star!. The Main characters were: Jack, who was played by Mark Read from the Band A1 and Princess Jess, who was played by Andrea Valls from CBeebies. The music was great and Mrs Hirons was delighted when we all sang along with the cast. By the time we returned to school everyone was exhausted from being such a great audience. We spoke to a few pupils who said:


"The pantomime was super entertaining; the actors did a fantastic job!" (Miles Thompson 6LF)

"It was so funny!" (Henry Raven 6BC)


By Salma Kodera and Candi Bayliss 6BC