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Home Learning

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Many thanks for your continued home schooling efforts. We appreciate that during the extended period of time we have been closed you may have found it increasingly difficult to motivate and engage the children in an environment they do not usually associate with learning. 

We understand that alongside homeschooling many of you are trying to juggle the task of working from home too, which means the children are having to manage their time and workload independently. In order to help you and our pupils manage their home schooling time effectively, we have put together a suggested timetable for each year group. We hope that this will give you a good overview of the amount of work the children have been set in a week. 

New activities  included on the timetable are weekly spellings to practice daily and to be tested on at the end of the week, and at least 30 minutes of reading each day, which the pupils would usually do in school alongside some reading challenges. 

From Monday 22nd June, all work for the week will be set by teachers on Epraise on a Monday. We suggest that your child then uses the timetable to guide when they complete these activities. Please be aware that this is simply a suggested timetable, and whilst some pupils will thrive on the structure it provides and will find the amount of work manageable, others may not. It is important that you share this timetable with your child and have a conversation with them about  how much work they will complete over the week. This communication with them will ensure they do not feel overwhelmed when several teachers send them tasks on Monday. 

You will see that not all foundation subjects are listed on the timetable. Any subjects not shown for next week will be set on the following week. Parents and pupils should continue to communicate with their subject teacher via Epraise, but please bear in mind they may not be able to respond as promptly as they previously have due to teaching Year 6 and Key Worker pupils who are in school daily. 

We hope you find this timetable useful and please be reminded again that whilst we want to ensure there is enough work to fill the time of those pupils wishing to work all day, each family needs to work out what is right for their own individual child and household. 

All of the timetables and several of the associated tasks can now be found on the website under the Home Learning section. 

Best wishes to you all,