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Mainscale Teacher

Purpose of the Job

To deliver curriculum subjects required, undertaking pastoral and administrative duties in respect of pupils in your form.

Main responsibilities are to:

  • deliver high standards of teaching and learning through well planned lessons and a variety of teaching methods;
  • deliver lessons which have clear measurable outcomes and where AfL makes a good contribution to learning and both pupils and teachers can track progress;
  • plan and deliver lessons in which pupils engage and enjoy and which challenge and extend all pupils including specified groups, such as SEN and Gifted and Talented
  • incorporate the five aims of ‘Every Child Matters’ into curriculum and non-curriculum activities when appropriate and relevant
  • set high expectations of all pupils in terms of attainment, attendance and behaviour
  • monitor pupils’ progress using appropriate data and to implement actions to ensure pupils are able to take ‘the next steps’ in their learning 2
  • ensure levels of attainment are shared with pupils and they understand the steps they need to take to improve.
  • ensure through a variety of methods that parents are informed with regard to their child’s learning and any relevant pastoral issues.
  • provide a stimulating learning environment which has a high standard of display and is well organised and ‘user’ friendly for pupils.