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St John's C of E Middle School Academy

Pupils' Work

Year 8 Maths Project: Maths in Everyday Life

Some pupils in Year 8 recently carried out research into where Maths is used across the range of careers by people they know.

Collectively, hundreds of different job roles were studied, including builders, graphic designers, accountants, receptionists and midwives. The overwhelming discovery was that a lot more Maths is used across the range of careers than pupils had expected.

Esme Elwell-Thomas concluded by saying:

After looking at my findings for 11 different jobs, I would be surprised if anyone insisted that Maths isn’t used in people’s day-to-day lives.
I- while completing this homework – have discovered a really interesting amount about these different careers and found that the people in these roles do a lot more everyday Maths than I anticipated.

Some of the best projects are photographed below.