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Religious Education (R.E)

Image result for R.EYou can have a choice of 3 research projects that you can do.   Choose one project which should take should take 2-3 hours to complete.  Please be ready to share your project with your class on your return to school.  You can present your work as a large poster. It should include both writing and images.  

Research project on a faith or worldview,

  • Here are some ideas of relevant pieces of information to contain in the project:
  • Name of the faith or world view
  • Key beliefs and teachings
  • Important leaders
  • Holy Buildings
  • Holy Book
  • Symbols
  • Festivals
  • Rituals
  • How people put their beliefs into action in their lives

Research project on Easter or Lent

  • Choose a Christian Country and research some of their traditions around Easter or Lent.
  • (Fact Files attached to help with this) 

Research Project Three

  • These festivals are coming up in the next few weeks.  Choose a festival to research.
  • 25th March – The Annunciation of The Lord (Christianity)
  • 2nd April Rama Navami- Birthday of Rama (Hinduism)
  • 5th April – Holy Week (Christianity)
  • 9th April Passover (Judaism)
  • 12th April Easter (Christianity)
  • 13th April Vaisakhi/Baisakhi- New Year Festival (Sikhism