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Year 6

You are to produce a presentation about the impact World War One had one Bromsgrove. I would like information on the following things:
· What was Bromsgrove like before the War?
· Who were the Wallace Brothers?
· What caused the War and how did the people of Bromsgrove feel about it?
· What was life like on the front line for the Wallace Brothers?
o Think about: What was trench warfare, weapons, battles, food, conditions in the trenches, medicine.
· What Impact did the War have on Bromsgrove?
o Think about: Rationing, conscription, censorship, government policy.
· What was Bromsgrove like after the war.


You can produce you presentation by hand or on the computer and in whatever format you think is best. Some ideas could be:
· A PowerPoint
· A booklet
· A video
· A podcast


Marking Criteria:

  • You can begin to produce work which always uses paragraphs and full sentences.
  • You can show that you know about and understand the History of Bromsgrove and World War 1 by describing some of the main events/people/places and saying where they fit into a timeline.
  • You can describe the characteristics the people of the early 20th century.
  • You can describe the features of different periods and can identify where things have changed and where they have stayed the same (continuity).
  • Before the war – during the war – after the war.
  • You can identify some causes and consequences of World War 1.
  • You can describe the main events/people and places associated with romsgrove and World War 1.
  • You can use appropriate information to complete the task.