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Year 7

Year 7 mathematics

Online activities can be found at  which has a range of videos and worksheets that pupils can use over the next few weeks, some textbook activities have also been added. Please note that these are not year specific and at times may have a higher key stage content within them


Pupils can also access which has lessons to show how to complete the work. The school login details are:-

stjohns007   maths007

Year 7 are on the angles topic and about to move onto the topic of algebra including formula and sequences.

Week beginning

Year 7 objectives covered

Useful activities/links


  • apply the properties of angles at a point, angles at a point on a straight line, vertically opposite angles

Consolidate from year 6 

Angles: full circle (at a point)

Angles: quadrilaterals

Angles: straight line

Angles: triangle 

Angles: vertically opposites




  • substitute numerical values into formulae and expressions

use conventional notation for priority of operations, including brackets


Review algebra from earlier this year and move onto substitution 

Number: BODMAS (order of operations) 

Algebra: substitution 

Algebra: notation

Algebra: multiplying terms

Algebra: expanding brackets





generate terms of a sequence from a term-to-term rule 

Sequences: describing rules 

Sequences: missing terms

Sequences: patterns