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Year 8

Question: What was the impact of the Industrial Revolution on Great Britain?

Create one of the 5 following projects:
1) Acrostic Poem: Using the letters from the word Industrial Revolution, spell out sentences that explain the answer to the question.
2) Comic strip: create a comic strip that answers the question.
3) First Person narrative: Start it out with “I am the Industrial Revolution”
4) Interview with the Industrial Revolution – the Industrial Revolution is a person and you are speaking to it about its ideas, how it works, what its life goals are, and how it led to imperialism.
5) Epic Poem – it must rhyme, and it must answer the question.

Things to include:
· Changes to the landscape
· Changes to Farming
· Changes to transport
· Changes to production
· Working condition
· Changes to society
· Impact on Law and Order.


Marking Criteria:

  • I can pick out information, organise and use the important pieces to produce structured work.
  • I can show that I know and understand of the Industrial Revolution by
  • analysing some of the main events/people/places in the context of their developing timeline of the Industrial Revolution
  • I can begin to recognise and describe what change is and how far it has gone in the Industrial Revolution.
  • I can begin to explain the connections between different causes and consequences within the context of the Industrial Revolution.
  • I can evaluate sources to obtain relevant evidence for a particular question.