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UKMT Team Maths Challenge, Regional Final, March 2019

We arrived at Myton School, Warwick, after being driven to the venue by Mr Reeves together with Mrs Chambers and Mr Luijk.

We began the challenge by doing a few practice questions to help us focus. We divided ourselves into two groups, a pair of year 8s and year 9s. Last year we only had a team of four year 8s so we felt privileged to have two of our former Year 8s join us as year 9s and thus give us a greater advantage.

Firstly, after an introduction from the UKMT leader, we had the group round where we had ten questions which we had to solve as a team, scoring really well.

Then, we had the cross number round where we only dropped 3 marks.

After lunch, we had the shuttle round where one pair would solve half a question, pass it onto the other pair and they would solve the other half of the problem.

At this point, it was announced that we were in the top 5 of the 20 schools competing.

Finally, the last round was the relay where one pair were on the other side of the hall to the others and once we had our question marked we would have to run to give them theirs.

Overall we came 5th out of 20 which was great because most of the schools were private or grammar. We had a great day and are looking forward to other maths challenges in the future.


-Jack Wright and Lucy Cashmore