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London Trip 2019

One hundred and ten pupils ventured to London over two Thursdays to learn how to ‘Stick it to the Man!’ as this year’s London trip saw the pupils go and see School of Rock.

The day started early with a visit to the science museum with the pupils looking around the special exhibit Top Secret, which was all about spying through history right up to modern day cyber security, GCHQ and seeing if the pupils could crack the various codes to reveal the secret messages.  After the science museum was the sightseeing tour which was expertly guided by Miss Devey on the first trip and Mr Roberts on the second, both seem to have another career to fall back on if they decide teaching isn’t for them anymore. Then came the main event, School of Rock.  What a performance it was, from the first scene to the last the energy was fantastic and the performers truly rocked!  Despite it being a long day all the pupils were a real credit to the school and lots of memories were made.

Mr. Kenny Hirst