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Mid-Term Headteacher's Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It has been another busy half term with the children involved in a variety of areas while continuing to work hard in the classroom such as the launch of the Year 5 Children’s University, the Year 6 visit to Whitley Court, the selection of Year 8 Prefects and appointment of Head boy and Deputy and Head girl and Deputy.

We will be celebrating Harvest festival on Friday 26thOctober at St. John’s Church and may I thank Parents for the contributions that have been made that will go to the Church who work with local homeless charities to distribute all donations to those in need.

It is very pleasing to see so many children cycling to school. Can I ask that all children cycling to school after half term wear an appropriate helmet. There was an incident this term as many of you will know where a child was knocked off their bike on the Worcester Road. Thankfully they only had minor injuries but they were not wearing a helmet and in such circumstances a helmet can be the difference between injury and tragedy!

I would also point out that the child was knocked off while navigating between cars that were illegally parked at the entrance to the school. Can I ask again for parents NOT to park there under any circumstances as it presents a clear danger both to the cyclists and to any children crossing.

We remind children that they should always walk to the pelican crossing but many still cross at the entrance to Watt Close and parked cars present a hazard.

West Mercia police have a current campaign encouraging people to take photos of cars parked in hazardous and illegal locations and to send them the photos so they can prosecute. The prime examples of this, they quote, is the entrance to schools and cars parked on double yellow lines.

Can I end by wishing you all a pleasant and enjoyable half term and we look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Monday 5thNovember 2018.


Yours faithfully,

Mr. G. L. Roberts

Headteacher/CEO The Spire Learning Trust