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Update - Covid-19

Dear Parents/Guardians,

You will understandably be concerned about the current situation regarding the spread of COVID-19. We are following all advice from the government and remain open as usual. Currently, we do not have any students or staff who have confirmed cases of the virus, however some are self-isolating following advice from NHS 111 or due to underlying health conditions.

At the present time, if your child or a close family member are considered vulnerable for any reason, it is up to you to decide whether or not your son/daughter should be self-isolating, and school will support this decision. However, current advice is that everyone should carry on as normal unless symptoms suggest the need for self-isolation (‘new, continuous cough’ or ‘high temperature’; Source:

Should a pupil present with symptoms during school hours, we have a room set aside to keep them apart from the rest of the school and parents will be contacted to collect their son/daughter.

We want to inform you about all of the things we are doing to keep the children and staff healthy and continue to provide the best possible education for your child in the circumstances:


· Encouraging all members of the school community to wash their hands frequently (or use hand sanitiser) and capture coughs and sneezes as per the government guidance

· Managing stocks of essential cleaning and sanitising products

· Encouraging ‘social distancing’ as a way of minimising unnecessary close contact between individuals; this includes cancelling some planned non-essential activities from now onwards; Sports fixtures, trips etc. The pace at which we can cancel the foreign trips is determined by the insurance companies as we want to also ensure parents receive a full refund

· Planning for full or partial school closure including making learning resources available that can be accessed remotely to allow for independent learning at home; this information will be shared should the need arise. This provision will not be in place for individual students who are self-isolating, or absent for any other reason, as teachers will be delivering lessons in school prior to any full or partial closure

· Cancel all activities that would involve many people coming into the school such as parents evening.

· Peripatetic teachers – will for the time being continue unless they or their immediate family are showing flu like symptoms and temperature. They will be required to inform the school immediately.


Finally, as further information arises, we will advise you by email and update our website accordingly. Any decisions will be taken following advice from the Department for Education or by the Public Health England Protection Team. Should you wish to check current guidance, it is frequently updated and available at: covid-19

We are very appreciative of the calm and measured way in which pupils and parents/guardians are responding to this situation and thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. G. L. Roberts