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Lockdown Reading

There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that children who regularly read for pleasure gain higher results in exams and have a lowered risk of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Consequently, we have been busy thinking of ways we can continue to promote and encourage reading during the current lockdown

At St John’s, every child has twenty-five minutes of timetabled reading focus time per day. During this time, pupils have the opportunity to complete a vocabulary task, silently read a book, watch and discuss Newsround or listen to their teacher read to them. The students in school are still benefitting from this time and still completing these activities and we would encourage pupils at home to also do so wherever possible. It is a really nice opportunity to spend a quiet twenty-five minutes every day engaging in a calm, reading-related activity. We will be sending out the weekly reading PowerPoint to you every week during this lockdown, containing ideas for each day’s reading task.

Additionally, we are launching the St John’s Lockdown Reading Challenge.

Happy reading!