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New Release

Over the past few weeks, we have been working really hard to re-organise our school library.

All of our books are now neatly organised into book band colours and pupils have been given their book bands so they can select a book which is appropriate for their personal reading level. Additionally, there are lots of brand new books on display - the latest releases from authors such as Tom Fletcher and David Walliams, as well as sequels to books the children have been reading in their lessons (such as the Cogheart series). There are also some beautiful new displays on the walls, featuring some well-loved book characters and props too! A massive thank you to all of the staff (especially Mrs Reynolds, Mrs Fearon and Mrs Fullerton) who have worked incredibly hard re-organising and decorating our library over the past few weeks! Now that it is re-open we hope all of our pupils will enjoy coming and swapping their books regularly!