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Year 5

Bonjour! Ca Va?

Autumn Term

  • Bonjour! Ca va?
  • Understand classroom instructions. 
  • Know how to greet people.
  • Respond to 'Ca va?' using different ways of saying how I am.
  • Recite number 1-30 in French.
  • Begin to speak confidently in French.
  • Ask how old my friend is in French.
  • Say the months of the Year in French.
  • Create a Christmas card in French.

Spring Term

  • Joyeux anniversaire - days of the weeks and months.
  • Dans mon sac - what is in my school bag and indefinite articles
  • Ma salle de classe - Describe my classroom and understand genders of word with le/la/les - un/une des
  • J'adore le judo - say what I like and dislike and talk about my hobbies 

Ma famille et mes animaux

  • Recognise and understand vocabulary for family members.
  • Talk about what pets we have at home.
  • Say what animals we like or dislike.
  • Present our pets to the class using a PowerPoint or project.
  • Understand someone talking about themselves, their family and their pets.

Summer Term

A l'ecole

  • Say/remember the days of the week in French.
  • Recognise school subjects in French.
  • Recreate my school timetable in French.
  • Say what lessons I like or dislike.

Ou habites-tu?

  • Say where I live (city/town)
  • Say which country I live in.
  • Be aware that there are many other countries where French is spoken - Francophonie.
  • Recognise masculine, feminine and plural words.
  • Demonstrate more confidence talking French in a French accent.

Year 6

Autumn Term

C'est perso

  • Talk about my likes and dislikes.
  • Talk about my survival kit and use the verb AVOIR.
  • Describe myself and other people physically.

Mon college

  • Talk about school subject and give opinions and reasons.
  • Describe my timetable and describe my school day.

Spring Term

Mes passse temps

  • Talk about what I do online.
  • Talk about sports using JOUER – FAIRE
  • Practice ER verbs in the present tense. (je-tu-il)
  • Recognise some time phrases/ frequency phrases in the present tense.
  • Talk about sports and weather using QUAND.
  • Use opinions and sports. (opinion verbs + infinitives)


  • Say what shops there are in my town.
  • Make a map describing my town.
  • Use “IL Y A” to say what is in your town.
  • Give directions in French.
  • Say what you can do in town – use ON PEUT + infinitive (modal verb)

Summer Term

  • Talk about where I go on holidays and frequency adverbs
  • Revise countries in French
  • Talk about my ideal holiday destination and use the conditional
  • Buy drinks and snacks – AU CAFÉ
  • Revise numbers 1-30


  • Talk about animals
  • Write a poem
  • Describe a painting

Year 7

Autumn Term

T’es branche?

  • Talk about TV programmes and films.
  • Use the present tense and understand endings of verbs in the present tense.
  • Talk about the internet.
  • Give opinions on films/tv/books.

Paris je t’adore

  • Say what did in Paris.
  • Use the perfect tense with AVOIR (regular and irregular).
  • Say when I did things.
  • Say where I went.
  • Recognise 2 tenses (present and past)


Spring Term

Mon identite

  • Talk about my personality and my friends personalities using the verb ETRE (QUALITES ET DEFAUTS).
  • Talk about relationships (REFLEXIVE VERBS).
  • Talk about clothes and fashion.
  • Talk about the weather and what I wear.

Chez moi, chez toi

  • Talk about where I live – use of COMPARATIVES.
  • Describe my home and what rooms/furniture we have in the house.
  • Introduce breakfast items using BOIRE ET PRENDRE. (Use of time phrases and some varied negatives “ne….rein”).
  • Talk about what we must buy at the supermarket (IL FAUT ACHETER…)+QUANTITIES.


Summer Term

Quel talent

  • Talk about my talents and ambitions.
  • Encourage or persuade someone.
  • Understand the imperative.
  • Use the superlative to describe someone’s qualities (consolidation of Spring 1 voab)


  • World geo/ French speaking countries.
  • The French revolution.
  • Revise 3 tenses

Year 8

Autumn Term

Bien dans sap eau

  • Recognise parts of the body in French.
  • Talk about sports I like to play/do.
  • Learn about healthy eating.
  • Make plans to get fit.

ma vie d’ado

  • Talk about social medias.
  • Talk about future plans.
  • Talk about music opinions.
  • Understand the present tense.
  • Practise the near future.


Spring Term

A l’horizon

  • Know common jobs. Gender agreements
  • Give our OPINIONS on JOBS.
  • Use the CONDITIONAL TENSE about my ideal job.
  • Write an extended paragraph.
  • Understand the importance of languages when looking for a job. (Job opportunities and languages).
  • Use of authentic material.

Special vacations

  • Discuss holidays and use basic questions.
  • Talk about what items I take in my suitcase.
  • Talk about my daily routine using reflexive verbs.
  • Talk about a past holiday – PAST TENSE
  • Talk about Tourist attraction

Moi dans le monde

  • Talk about what I am allowed to do.
  • Talk about what is important to me.
  • Talk about things I buy.


  • Describe a picture.
  • Take part in a role play.
  • Use 3 tenses.