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St John's Primary Teacher Training

Our Partners

St John’s have teamed up with South Bromsgrove High School and Worcester University to recruit, select and deliver the School Direct Primary course.

Additionally, we work closely with local First, Middle and High schools to deliver the best training and school experience possible. To fulfil the requirements of Primary QTS, a trainee will need to experience placements both in Key Stage 1 and 2 in at least two different schools.

Our partner schools for this academic year include Charford First School, Millfields First School, , Alvechurch Middle School, St Bedes Middle School, St Peters First Bromsgrove, Flyford Flavell First, St Andrews Primary, St Barnabas First/ middle, Sytchampton Primary, Church of Ascension, Witton Middle, St Joseph's First Droitwich and Crown meadow First.