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Physical Education (PE)

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When at home try to stay as active as you can. The government recommends that children take part in at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Have a go at some of these activities to keep active and improve your coordination skills.

1. Throw a tennis ball against a wall or with a partner and catch it with the same hand after one bounce.
2. Alternately roll two balls against a wall or to a partner, using both hands, sending one as the other is returning. Find a tutorial video and try to learn how to juggle – come and show your PE teacher on your return to school!
3. Come up with a sequence of jumps that you can synchronise and which includes changes of height, flight and shapes.
4. Create a short dance to a particular piece of music. Choose your year group theme as your stimulus. (Year 5 – Africa, Year 6 – Musicals, Year 7 Cheerleading, Year 8 – Own choreography choice) or just to any music you enjoy!  Create the dance and either draw out the movements with the help of their parents or video it and email it to the teacher.
5.  Fitness Personal Challenge - Every other day see many of the following exercises you can do in 60 seconds. Record your score and try to improve it each time you do it! Star jumps, sit ups, burpees, and press ups. Speed skips (if you have a skipping rope).
6.  Find a 30 minute physical activity workout that is appropriate for your age from a fitness magazine or fitness website – have a go at the routine from home.
7. If you have one – wear your fitbit or pedometer at home. Set up a group of friends to compete with and email each other your results each evening.
8. Design a 5 minute exercise routine you can lead your family in. You could include running, sit up, press up, marching on the spot, touching your toes – add music to make it more enjoyable!


TV Challenge; if you are watching TV during the evening, complete one of these challenges in each advert break;
- Hop on one foot (change every 30        seconds
- Walk around the room on your tip toes
- Hold a wall sit for the whole break!
- 15 sit ups (repeat 3 times)
- 15 press ups (repeat 3 times)