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St John's C of E Middle School Academy

Spiritual and Social Education (SSE)

The Purpose of SSE

SSE aims to combine the spiritual aspect of life and the social aspect of life in a way that allows pupils to develop an awareness of both. In order for a child to develop into a fully functioning, socially adept adult, their spiritual needs must be addressed, and likewise, in order to become spiritually aware, the social aspect of their life must also be addressed. SSE combines both their spiritual and social needs in a cohesive way. 

Christianity, as well as all of the other major faiths, speak of how we should treat another, how best to live a good life and generally how to behave like a good citizen. The British values that form a large part of the education system are largely based around Christian values and are also found in other faiths and belief systems around the world and within a diverse, multi-cultural, multi-faith Britain.Image result for pshe clipart

The principal aim of SSE is to develop students, by engaging them in a meaningful enquiry into human questions and nurture them as caring, thoughtful, responsible citizens who have a spiritual awareness about the world and how that awareness can have an effect on their own lives and in the lives of others.

The SSE department awards certificate termly to children who demonstrate our core values in their day to day life at school.