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Year 5

You are to produce a travel guide to Ancient Greece. I would like information on the following things:

· Where is Ancient Greece?
· What Cities could I visit and what are they like?
· What is the food like?
· What entertainment is there?
· What are the people like – what do they wear etc.?
· What is their culture like – Religion, politics, education?

You can produce you guide by hand or on the computer and in whatever format you think is best. Some ideas could be:
· A PowerPoint
· A brochure
· A video
· A podcast


Marking Criteria:

  • You can show that you know about the ancient Greeks by telling me important names/dates/events.
  • You can describe some of the main parts of Ancient Greek society.
  • You can identify some of the main events/people and place in Ancient Greece.
  • You can begin to describe some ways in which we view Ancient Greece.
  • You can use appropriate information to complete the task.