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Year 5

There are many activities that you can do whilst at home that are linked to science. Some involve using computers, others watching television and some watching nature.

Here is a list of activities you could do:

Use the BBC Bitesize website - access revision, videos and games

Watch a scientific documentary and write a summary of what you’ve seen.
What was it about? How do you feel now you watched it? What can we do to help? Etc.

Documentaries on the BBC iPlayer include: The Blue Planet and The Blue Planet II; Frozen Planet; The Planets, Planet Earth II and Seven Worlds, One Planet.
Parents please check the episodes beforehand in case there are some upsetting scenes

Create a poster for display in the labs or classrooms using the British Science Week 2020 Theme: ‘Our Diverse Planet’
Years 5 & 6 – the activity pack is below – if you have some time, try some of the other activities too. Bring in some evidence (photos, mini projects etc. to show your science teachers)

Do a spot of Bird Watching – and write a report on the wildlife that is in your garden
Remember – you might also see other animals visiting your garden, so record these too.

Extra Challenge: make it into a scientific investigation and create a results table, bar chart and conclusion.
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