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Year 8

Learning at Home for Y8: English


First News 711

First News 713

First News 716

First News 717

Read the articles and then answers the questions. The answers are provided – please use these to assess your responses or ask an adult to assess them for you.



Follow the instructions in the box below to activate a free one-month membership to Twinkl. On here, you will find a range of resources to support you in producing quality pieces of writing, e.g. sample pieces, writing frames and success criteria. It would be a good idea to save any downloads somewhere safe so that you can access them beyond the trial period.


Use the mark scheme to help you produce a successful piece of writing.


Imaginative Writing



Non-Fiction Writing



Other suggested activities/websites


You are also very welcome to complete the activities intended for other year groups once you have completed the work set for your own year group.