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St. John's Governing Body

Mrs Adele Lee, Chair of Governors, leads a very dedicated and informed Governing Body.

The Governors play a crucial role, working with the Head of School, in deciding the strategic direction of the school. In addition to this, they are responsible for the monitoring of budgetary spending, the appointment of staff, the curriculum and ensuring the children achieve high standards of achievement and attainment.

Role Name
Chair of Governors Mrs. Adele Lee Parent Governor & Safeguarding
Governors Rev. Ray Khan
  Mr. Chris Ashman
  Mrs. Sally Keepax
  Mr. Robert Powell
  Mrs. Rosemary Sumner
  Mrs. Danielle Goodayle
  Mr. Neil Mills
  Mrs. Rebecca Davis – Parent Governor
  Mrs. Sumita Sopariwala
  Mrs. Suzanne Allies
Governors (Staff) Mrs. Alison Elwell - Head of School
  Mr. Daniel McEvilly - SENCo
Company Secretary Mrs. Emily Kolb

Contact Details

Mrs Adele Lee

St Johns Middle School,
Watt Close,
B61 7DH.


Meeting Attendance - 2021-2022

Attendance figures for 01/09/2021-31/08/202

Governors Resigned Meetings Attended Out of a Possible
Mr. G. L. Roberts
(Executive Headteacher & CEO of The Spire)
  2 4
Mrs A. Elwell
(Head of School)
  4 4
Mrs A. Lee
  4 4
Rev. R. Khan   2 4
Mrs R. Sumner   4 4
Mrs S. Keepax   4 4
Mr. D. McEvilly
  3 4
Mrs D. Carey-Jenkins
04/07/2022 1 4
Mr. B. Powell   3 4
Mrs R. Davies   4 4
Mrs D. Goodayle   2 4
Mrs S. Sopariwala   4 4
Mr. N. Mills   4 4
Mr. C. Ashman   0 4
Mrs S. Allies   2 4






Meeting Attendance 2020/2021

Members and Directors 01/09/2020 - 31/08/2021

Governors Appointed Resigned Meetings
Out of a 
Mr. G. L. Roberts
(Headteacher and CEO of The Spire)
    4 5
Mrs. A. Elwell-Thomas
(Head of School)
    3 5
Mrs. J. Foy     2 5
Mrs. A. Lee
(Parent Governor)
    4 5
Rev. Ray Khan
(Chair of Governors)
    4 5
Mr. D. McEvilly
    3 5
Mr. B. Powell     3 5
Mrs. R. Sumner     4 5
Mr. L. Wallace     1 5
Mr. N. Limbrick     2 5
Mrs. Derval Carey-Jenkins (staff)     3 5
Mr. C. Ashman     3 5
Mrs. S. Keepax     4 5
Mr. G Morris     1 5