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Chair of Governors
Mrs Adele Lee

Executive Headteacher and CEO The Spire CE Learning Trust
Mr. Geraint Roberts

Head of School
Mrs Alison Elwell

Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Kate Gallinagh
Mr. Hanson Cheuk

Assistant Headteacher
Mr. Doug Owen
Mrs. Natasha Hine

Director of Professional Learning and Staff Development
Mrs Derval Carey-Jenkins 

Mrs Sarah Marsh

Year 5

 Head of Year
Mrs K. Hall 

Room Teacher
Room 1 Miss S. Watts
Room 2 Miss C. Gower
Room 3  Miss A. Kelly
Room 4 Ms M. Jarvis
Room 5 Mrs C. Woodward
Room 6 Miss A. Albutt

Year 6

 Head of Year
Mrs C. Hirons

Room Teacher
Room 7 Mr. G. Monaghan 
Room 8  Miss K.  Devey
Room 9 Mr. B. Clements
Room 10  Miss R. Sedgwick
Room 11 Miss A. Kendall
Room 17 Mrs C. Stables

Year 7

 Head of Year
Ms R. Bourne

Room Teacher
Room 12 Mr. W. Warwick
Room 13 Mrs J. Braby
Room 14 Mr. P. Marsh
Room 15 Mr. M. Hackett
Lab 2 Dr. J. Dowler

Year 8

 Head of Year
Mr. L. Boyd

Room Teacher
Room 16 Mr. M. Cowdery
Room 18 Miss K. North
Room 19 Mrs J. Davenport
Room 20 Mr. N. Edwards
Room 21 Miss M. Mosseri
Lab 1 Mr. M. Field

Additional Staff

Mr. D. McEvilly - SENDco Mrs V. Norris - Launch Pad
Mrs S. Broome (Assistant)
Miss S. Pemberton
(sharing room 11)
Mrs K. Oakes
Miss C. Russell  

Departmental Heads

Department Teacher
Head of English Miss K. Devey
Head of Art Mrs J. Davenport
Head of History Mr. N. Edwards
Head of Geography Mr W. Warwick
Head of Music Miss C. Russell
Head of RE Mrs C. Woodward
Head of PSHE Miss A, Kelly
Head of Maths Miss. K. North
Head of DT Mrs. C. Stables
Head of Science Mr. M. Field
Head of French Mrs M. Mosseri
Head of Computing Mr, B. Clements
Head of PE Mr M. Cowdery
Educational Visits Co-Ordinator Mrs N. Hine
Maths Advisor for the Trust Mrs K. Oakes
SENDCo for the Trust Mr D. McEvilly



Safeguarding Lead
Mrs K. Gallinagh
(Deputy Headteacher)


Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mrs N. Hine
(Assistant Headteacher)


Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mr. D. McEvilly


Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Ms J. Alexander


Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mrs S. Butt
Behaviour Recovery


Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mrs A. Elwell
Head of School


Safeguarding Governor
Mrs Adele Lee
Chair of Governors

ELSA/Safeguarding Admin.
Mrs S. Butt
Emotional Literacy Support Assistant     

Pupil Premium Support/ Intervention Teacher

Pupil Premium Support Mrs A. Lloyd
English Miss C. Reynolds
English Mrs D. Fullerton
English Mrs P. Fearon
Maths Mrs J. Chambers
Maths Mr. C. Silvester
Maths Mrs R. Dayus

SEND & Support

SENDCo Teacher of Launch Pad

Mr D. McEvilly

Ms M. Jarvis - Assistant SENDCo

Mrs V. Norris
Ms. J. Alexander - Early Help (SEMH) Support      



Support Assistants

Miss A. Blackburn

Mr. P. Hirons

Mrs S. Butt

Mrs E. Jude

Mr. M. Hooper

Mrs K. McDaid

Mrs L. Redmayne

Mr. T. Moyle

Miss S. Virk

Mrs K. Bland

Mrs J. Jennings

Behaviour Recovery
Ms A. Southall

Behaviour Recovery
Mrs S. Butt


Cover Teacher
Mr. J. Inglis

Cover Teacher
Ms A.Buckley

Cover Teacher
Mr. C. Silvester


Science/DT Technician
Mrs J. Bafletowska 
PE Assistant
Miss L. Biddle

Extended Services

Extended Services Manager/TA
Miss E. Smith/Ms A. Southall


Breakfast Club Staff
Ms A. Southall Ms C. Cranston
Mrs S. Broom Miss E.Smith
Mrs J. Streeter Miss A. Blackburn


After School Club Staff
Miss E. Smith Mrs J. Bafeltowska
Miss A. Blackburn Ms C. Cranston
Mr P.Hirons Miss M.Bissett


IT Manager
Mr. S. Chadwick

Office Administrators

Role Staff
Office Manager/PA to Executive Head-Operations Manager (Trust) Mrs J. Perrey
PA to Head of School/ Payroll & HR Assistant Mrs E. Kolb
Office Administrator/Training Administrator Mrs R. Bourne
Office Administrator/Pupil Premium Support Mrs A. Lloyd
Office Administrator/Attendance Officer Mrs E. Barnsley
Office Administrator/Cover Administrator Mrs J. Martin
Business Manager (Trust) Mrs P. Adams
Finance Assistant Mrs N. Wallace
Finance Assistant Mrs D. Walker
Trust Accountant Mrs S. Spence
School Admissions Officer Mrs J. Gagen
Digital Media and Marketing Officer (Trust) Miss L. Perrey

Site Manager

Site Manager

Mr. J Pugh (Manager)

Miss M.Bissett Mrs C.McGeorge

Kitchen Staff

Ms E. Smith Mrs Emma Hickey
Miss Chloe Lawrence

Lunchtime Supervisors

Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs J. Ashmore Mrs H. Greaves Miss M.Bissett Mrs J. Streeter
Mrs A. Chance Mrs C. Hill Mrs H. Greaves Mrs E. Noakes