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Governance Arrangements

On this page you will be able to see: 

  • Information on each governor: 
    • Date of appointment 
    • Term of office 
    • The date they stepped down (if applicable) 
    • Who appointed them (in accordance with the governing body’s instrument of government)
    • Any material interests arising from relationships between governors or governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives)
Name Date of Appointment Date Stepped Down Term of Office Who Appointed Them
Adele Lee 01/09/2014   4 years Governing Body
Rev Ray 29/09/2015   4 years Governing Body
Julie Foy  8/10/2019   4 years  Governing Body
Chris Ashman 10/07/2015   4 years Governing Body
Neil Limbrick  08/10/2019 12/03/2020   Governing Body
Sally Keepax 22/05/2017   4 years Governing Body
Bob Powell      4 years Governing Body
Rosemary Sumner     4 years Governing Body
Gareth Morris 6/07/2020 8/12/2020 5 months Governing Body
Lee Wallace  30/06/2015 03/12/2020 5 years Governing Body
Derval Carey-Jenkins 8/07/2019   1 year Staff Governor
Dan McEvilly 25/06/2018   2 years Staff Governor