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St John's C of E Middle School Academy


The emphasis in Science is on learning through practical experiences in mixed ability classes. We teach our students to work and think scientifically using the skills of observation, communication, interpretation and experimental design. Students are expected to handle materials and use equipment, both individually and in groups, encouraging active participation and group learning. Students across both Key Stages are taught in two newly refurbished laboratories, which is a fantastic learning environment and really brings the subject to life. The content and nature of the selected activities in all years are planned to follow the requirements of the National Curriculum and can be found in the accompanying document. 

Students are encouraged to ask questions and predict outcomes before making their scientific investigations. Work is primarily recorded in their exercise books, althought not exclusively; with students undertaking module assessments throughout Key Stage 3 in prepartion for their future GCSE studies. In Science, we are always seeking opportunities to apply aspects of the wider curriculum and STEM related activities.