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St John's C of E Middle School Academy



Chair of Governors
Mrs Julie Foy

Headteacher (CEO The Spire Learning Trust)
Mr. Geraint Roberts

Head of School / Schools Direct Executive
Mrs Alison Elwell

Deputy Headteacher
Mr Kevin Medway 

Assistant Headteacher
Mr. Hanson Cheuk

Associate Assistant Head
Mr. Richard Upwood

Year 5 

 Head of Year
Mr. D. Owen

Room Teacher
Room 1 Mr. B. Franklin
Room 2 Miss S. Deeny
Room 3  Miss E. Taylor
Room 4 Miss M. Jarvis
Room 5 Mrs C. Woodward
Room 6 Miss C. Larkin

Year 6 

 Head of Year
Mrs C. Hirons

Room Teacher
Room 7 Mrs E. Taylor
Room 8  Miss K. Devey
Room 9 Mr. G. Monaghan
Room 10  Miss S. Young
Room 11 Mr. M. Cowdrey
Room 17 Miss K. North

Year 7 

 Head of Year
Mr. K. Hirst

Room Teacher
Room 12 Mr. C. Silvester
Room 13 Mrs M. Mosseri
Room 14 Mr. M. Ridge
Room 15 Mr. J. Swain
Room 16 Mr. A. Meehan
Lab 2 Dr. J. Dowler

Year 8 

 Head of Year
Ms R. Bourne

 Acting Head of Year
Miss N. Birmingham

Room Teacher
Room 18 Miss K. Taylor
Room 19 Mrs J. Davenport
Room 20 Miss R. Sedgwick
Room 21 Ms M. Webb
Lab 1 Mr. M. Field

Additional Staff 

Miss C. Russell Mrs J. Chambers
Mr. M. Moss Mr. D. McEvilly
Mr.L. Luijk Mr. N. Price
Mrs V. Norris Mrs C. Reynolds

Departmental Heads 

Department Teacher
Head of English Miss S. Pemberton
Head of Art Mrs J. Davenport
Head of Geography Mr. K. Hirst
Head of Music Miss C. Russell
Head of Spiritual & Social Education (SSE) Mrs C. Woodward
Head of Maths Mrs L. Moyle
Head of DT Mr. A. Meehan
Head of History Mr. D. McEvilly
Head of Science Mr. M. Field
Head of French Mrs M. Mosseri
Head of ICT Mr. H. Cheuk
Head of PE Miss N. Birmingham
Educational Visits Co-Ordinator
Staff Health and Safety Representative
Mr. R. Upwood


Mrs A. Elwell (Head of School) Mr. G. Roberts (Headteacher)
  Mr. K. Medway (Deputy Headteacher)

Pupil Premium Support Teacher 

Miss C. Reynolds Mrs J. Chambers
Mr. N. Price Mrs S. Armstrong
Mrs L. Morrell Mr. L. Luijk

Support & SEN 

Mr. D. McEvilly


Support Assistants
Ms A. Southall Mrs S. Broom Ms A.Buckley  
Ms S. Henderson Mrs R. Tapp

Mrs M. Abraham

Miss A. Blackburn Mrs L. Libetta Miss E. Smith  
Mr. P. Hirons Mrs P. Fearon Mrs J. Jennings

Mrs J. Bafeltowska
(Science/DT )



Social Inclusion and Support Manager
Miss R. Turvey
Health and Safety Officer

Mrs A. Salsano

Extended Services 

Extended Services Manager/TA
Mrs L. Libetta  


Extended Services Staff
Mrs J. Bafeltowska Ms C. Cranston
Mrs S. Trueman Ms E. Smith
Miss A. Blackburn Mrs L. Libetta
Mrs A. Southall Miss T. Spooner (Relief)


IT Manager ICT Technician
Mr. S. Chadwick Vacant

Office Administrators 

Role Staff
Office Manager/PA to Headteacher Mrs J. Perrey
Admissions/Attendance Mrs J. Gagen
Office Administrator/Cover Mrs E. Kolb
Office Administrator Miss L. Perrey
Finance Officer Mrs P. Adams
Finance Assistant Mrs N. Wallace
Finance Assistant Mrs D. Walker

Site Manager 

Site Manager
Mr. S. Reeves

Kitchen Staff 

Role Staff
Manager Mrs D. Marshall
Assistant Manager Mrs T. Salisbury
Kitchen Assistant  
Kitchen Assistant Miss N. Williams

Lunchtime Supervisors 

Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs A. Cooper Mrs M. Morgan Mrs K. Chinn Mrs C. Cranston
Mrs A. Chance Miss E. Smith Mrs S. Harvey Mrs J. Ashmore
Mrs D. Quinn      

Cleaning Operatives 

Cleaning Operatives
Mrs C. Harris Mrs J. Glover Mrs E. Roland Mrs K. Mercer
Mrs S. Harvey Mrs J. Ashmore Mrs J. Rolt  
Miss J. Bayliss Mrs D. Quinn Mrs A. Chance