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Welcome to Year 7

Year 7 marks the start of Key Stage 3 for our students. In a two-tier system, they would have changed schools and moved from a Primary School to a High School, so here at St John's, the transition is very smooth and the children will only notice minor changes. When pupils enter Key Stage 3, they will begin the process of preparing for high school in 2 years. Due to the close relationship we have with the local high schools, subject teachers will start to introduce pupils to GCSE style questions in readiness for when pupils move on from St John's.

Vacancy - Recruitment in process
currently being overseen by Mrs N. Hine - Assistant Headteacher

The overall aim for myself and the dedicated team of experienced form tutors is to support the pupils as they continue their educational journey and ensure that they continue to enjoy learning at St John's.  Pupils are encouraged to join one or more of our many extracurricular clubs, either continuing their successes from Key Stage 2 or discovering something new.  The Year 7 team will strive to ensure that all our young learners are performing to the best of their ability by closely monitoring behaviour, punctuality and progress by liaising with subject teachers. As our students mature early on in Year 7, we look to reward this with various roles of responsibility, including opportunities to become Student Mentors and also Young Leaders.

Year 7 is also when all staff begin to monitor the students to try and ensure that those who behave well and responsibly will get the opportunity to be nominated as Prefects, House Captains, or even the prestigious Head boy and Head girl of St Johns in Year 8. 


Year 7 Class Teachers
Head of Year - Vacancy - Recruitment in process
currently being overseen by Mrs N. Hine - Assistant Headteacher
Room 12  - Mr. W. Warwick
Room 13 - Mrs. M. Mosseri
Room 14  - Mr. P. Marsh
Room 15 - Mr. M. Hackett
Room 17 - Miss A. Kendall
Lab 2 - Dr. J. Dowler