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Hello everyone,

My name is Mr Warwick and I am Head of Hanover house. I am proud to be leading Hanover and to see all of the great achievements being made by you. Even though I have only been at St John’s since September 2020, I can see what a hugely talented group of pupils you all are.  Hanover house upholds the core values of St John’s and celebrates the diversity of your individual strengths, whether that be on the sports field, in the classroom, on stage or outside school. Crucially, if we work together as a team, we can achieve great things. I am looking forward to cheering you all on and finding out more about what you all do.

“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits!”



House Leaders



Mr. L. Hill
Mr. R. Upwood Mr. W. Warkwick
Miss K. North Mr. M. Cowdery
Mrs C. Reynolds Mr. N. Edwards
Dr. J. Dowler Mr. M. Field
Ms R. Bourne Mrs S. Henderson
Mrs J. Jennings Mrs D. Fullerton
Mr. S. Chadwick Mrs J. Martin
Mrs N. Wallace Mrs S. Butt
Mrs J. Gittins Mrs D. Marshall
Mrs J. Streeter Mrs J. Rolt