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Introducing our new Wellbeing and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.  

We are pleased to introduce our newly appointed Wellbeing and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for 2023-24! These dedicated students will play a crucial role in fostering a culture of kindness, respect, and inclusion throughout the school. Over the past few weeks, they have been meeting to formulate plans for the year ahead, under the guidance of our lead staff member for anti-bullying, Ms. Birmingham.  


Our Anti-Bullying Policy  

At St. John's, we take the issue of bullying seriously. Our comprehensive Anti-Bullying Policy can be accessed on our policy page. We have also created a child-friendly version to ensure that our students can understand and engage with these essential guidelines effectively. 

Defining Bullying at St John’s  

Bullying is not the odd occasion of falling out with friends, name calling, arguments or fights. However, these are also serious incidents which would be dealt with by teachers.  

To provide clarity on what constitutes bullying, we employ the STOP acronym: "Several Times On Purpose." This simple but effective definition helps our students understand that bullying involves repetitive and deliberate actions that cause harm to others.  

Our Governor for Anti-Bullying and Wellbeing  

We are proud to inform you that Suzanne Allies has taken on the role of Governor for Anti-Bullying and Wellbeing. Suzanne is committed to supporting our school's initiatives aimed at creating a secure and inclusive learning environment for all.  

Upcoming Events and Activities  

We are excited about the positive impact these initiatives will have on our school and our students. By working together as a community, we can continue to create a supportive and safe environment.  

1. Assembly with Bromsgrove School Students

As their first event, our Wellbeing and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are looking forward to sharing an assembly they have thoughtfully planned along with students from Bromsgrove School. 

2. Fundraising Activity

Additionally, the ambassadors have been organising their first fundraising activity. On Wednesday 4th October they will be selling small pick 'n mix sweets for £1 each after school, at 3:15pm on the playground. This initiative will not only raise funds for future anti-bullying and wellbeing programs but also serve as a lovely well-being treat for our students. 

Here to help! 

We take all reports of bullying seriously and are committed to addressing them promptly and effectively. If you ever have any concerns related to bullying or any other matter affecting your child's well-being, we encourage you to reach out in the first instance to your child's class teacher or head of year. They are there to provide support and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue. However, if you feel that an incident is not adequately addressed or if you are unsatisfied with the resolution, please don't hesitate to contact Ms. Birmingham, our lead teacher of Anti-Bullying.