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Hello everyone,

I am Mr Hill, a Year 5 teacher and Head of Hanover House. I am looking forward to working hard together next year to win many competitions and have lots of fun along the way. My aim is for us all to get involved and give new things a try with a big smile. I cannot wait to see each of you succeed and give of your best at every opportunity. I am sure we have a lot of talent in our house and I am excited to learn more about you in the coming weeks.

Mr Hill (Head of Hanover House)


House Leaders



Mr. L. Hill
Mr. R. Upwood Mr. W. Warkwick
Miss K. North Mr. M. Cowdery
Mrs C. Reynolds Mr. N. Edwards
Dr. J. Dowler Mr. M. Field
Ms R. Bourne Mrs S. Henderson
Mrs J. Jennings Mrs D. Fullerton
Mr. S. Chadwick Mrs J. Martin
Mrs N. Wallace Mrs S. Butt
Mrs J. Gittins Mrs D. Marshall
Mrs J. Streeter Mrs J. Rolt