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Below is a letter from a couple of our current students who wanted to do something to help year 4 learn a little more about what St. John's is like from a pupil's perspective and to help you feel a little more confident and excited about starting St. John's.

I would like to say a big thank you to the girls for offering to write a letter for us.

Mr. Owen - Head of Year 5


To all the New Year 5 pupils

Hello, our names are Hannah and Lois Thompson and we go to St John’s Middle school. Hannah is in year seven and will be going into year eight next year when you start. Lois is in year 5 and will be going into year 6.

We know you have not been to look around the school as usual but don’t worry, everyone is lovely and makes you feel welcome. We know from our own experiences that one of your biggest worries is often getting lost. The school looks really big at first but you get used to it and the teachers will help you find your way around if you need them too. But after a week it just seems like a big loop and it is easy to get around.

Another thing you may be worried about is not being in a class with your friends. You don't need to worry about this as all the year 5 classes are super close and you can always make new friends in your class! The teachers are always really nice and friendly and always there to help you if you need it. Also, in lessons, they will make sure you understand what you are doing and will never be cross if you need help, as long as you try your hardest.

Something you will be eager to know about is the school dinners! At break time they have many snacks to choose from and they are all delicious! They also have a fruit bowl where you can choose a piece of fruit to have. At lunch, you can have a hot dinner (our personal favourite is the bolognaise) and choose a yummy cake, piece of fruit, or jelly to have for your pudding and you can also pick lots of fruit and vegetables from the salad bar!

Another thing at St John’s is the enormous amount of clubs after school you can choose from. You can do netball, football, basketball, hockey, rugby, athletics, gymnastics, cheerleading, cake decorating, science club, skipping, photography and you can also take part in a school play which is lots of fun. There is lots more to choose from as well.

At the end of the year, each Year group goes on a residential trip. Year 5’s get to go to Malvern, which is very exciting! You get to go climbing, slide down a huge zip wire, orienteering and go on canoes down the river!

Finally, if you are worried about something or you need to talk to someone there is always the year 8 team to go to. They are always there for you and will never turn you down if you need help!

The school has a motto that says ‘give of your best’ this means try your hardest and if you do that you will have a great time at St John's!

We hope our letter has helped you stop worrying a bit and we are looking forward to meeting you in September.

Have a great summer holiday,

From Hannah and Lois Thompson.


Year 5 Comments

Below are a few comments from some of our current Year 5 pupils who were also moving up to middle school last year. You can see by reading them that lots of pupils have had things they may have been unsure about at the start, but then they soon realised it was absolutely fine!

‘At the start of year five, I was worried about being late to class because I was lost but you get used to it within a few days and it doesn’t seem so big.’

‘I was worried about starting middle school because I thought that there would be loads of homework and that I wouldn't be able to complete it all, but actually, it's not that bad - Writing my homework in my planner helps me to remember what I need to do and when I need to bring it back. The homework is always about what we've been doing in the lessons, which helps you remember what to do. If you need any help with your homework, you can ask for it before the day that it is due in.’

Year 5 Pupil


‘I was slightly worried because only a few of my old school mates moved with me but it is fine as I met new people, did new stuff and enjoyed myself!’


‘I was quite worried on the 1st day of school but after a couple of days I made friends and they were really nice to me.’


‘Don't worry about getting lost around school, friends, and teachers will help you and you'll soon get used to walking to different classrooms throughout the school day! Most of your lessons will be in your form room, and you'll be with all your classmates anyway!’

Year 5 Pupil


‘I always find it amazing trying something different, a chance to do new things, make new friends and have fun.’

"I was nervous about starting middle school but when I met all of the teachers they were really kind and the children are really helpful. It's ok to be nervous but you will be ok and will really enjoy being part of the school"


My Student Life

Hello, my name is Verity and today I am going to help prevent any of your worries before you start at St John’s. I am in Year 7 at the moment - soon starting Year 8 - and I have enjoyed these past three years at school so much, I’m sure you will too!

The last few years have been so fun, and I have genuinely loved every day. At first, I had the same worries as you probably do. “The school is so big; I’m going to get lost!” “I’m not going to fit in.” “What if my best friend gets put into a different class?” “I won’t be able to cope with the amount of homework!” I’m hopefully going to solve all of these worries and give you some advice too.

After the first week or two of going to St John’s, I knew every nook and cranny of the school. The school looks massive from the outside but it’s not that big after the first couple of weeks. Even though you may be used to a small school with not too many students, at least you’ll be able to make many friends at your time at St John’s. I met a girl in Year 5 who has become one of my best friends, we both look out for each other and support each other’s dreams and ambitions hugely. Next year, hopefully, one of us will get the opportunity to become Head Girl, which would be amazing!

As for the homework, you’ll get a couple of pieces a week. The teachers are always there to help you when you need them, and they are so understanding. Most of your homework will be based on what you have been doing in class or what you will be doing in the future weeks. The teachers at St John’s are all lovely and they have taught me so much. At the end of the academic year, a few of our talented teachers will be leaving, but I’m sure they’ll be replaced with just as nice teachers, we will miss them a lot though.

Every year I have taken part in the school play and every year I have had buckets of fun. Even some of the Year 4’s come to see us so you might even perform to some of your old teachers!

I hope I have helped solve some of your worries but if you have any more worries when you start at St John’s, you can always talk to the Year 8 team who are always there to solve any problems.

Remember, as long as you give of your best you will enjoy every moment.

I can’t wait to see you all in September, enjoy the rest of your break before school starts!

From Verity Treadwell.