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Worship at St John's

"Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young. Instead, set an example for the believers through your speech, behaviour, love, faith, and goodness."

1 Timothy 4:12

Love      Forgiveness      Justice      Faith      Integrity      Peace      Reconciliation      Prayer

Our collective worship this term focuses on the values of Prayer & Reconciliation

Our identity as a church school is very important to us and we really believe that our pupils live up to that verse from 1 Timothy.  Many times we have seen them set such a great example to their fellow-pupils, to staff within the school and also to visitors.  Our school environment is one where our shared Christian values generate a safe, reflective space and a multitude of opportunities for pupils to develop spiritually. Our school as a great track record in allowing children at the school to take the lead in ministering to each other.  The Worship Council, made up of pupils from each year group, and our wider team of Worship Leaders, are very active in leading and planning assemblies,class reflection times, and church services; planning and leading our annual Pentecost prayer-week, running the school prayer-space, providing music for collective worship and reviewing and evaluating opportunities for worship across the school.

Our strong connection with St John’s Church is foundational to the school.  Key events in the church calendar are celebrated through services at the church (Harvest, Christingle, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Easter, Pentecost) as well as it being the venue for occasions such as our annual prize-giving ceremony.  Over the years we have benefited tremendously from the ministry of the staff at St John’s church, with great input being provided into our church services, assemblies and also within the governing body. Rev. Ray Khan also joins us in school each Thursday as our school Chaplain, spending time with staff and pupils, and working with focused groups.

Each half term we focus in depth on one of our eight Christian values. This value then forms the basis of our collective worship over the half term. Every week at St John’s we have an assembly theme which is tailored to the pupils at the school.  The topic will be based on the value and may look at this through a contemporary lens, a Biblical narrative, or may fit in with one of the many charity fund-raising initiatives that we support. Pupils at St John’s have proved to be exceptional at raising funds for a whole range of different charities.

Our mission is to be a school where every individual in our community is valued and where care and concern for others is key. We will be guided by the Christian values of love, forgiveness, justice, faith, integrity, peace, reconciliation and prayer. We will expect all our pupils to 'Give of their Best', achieve their full potential, be good citizens and respect difference in our growing global world.

- St Johns Middle School Mission Statement.

The Vicar

My name is Ray, I like bright colours, Chelsea FC and have a terrible sense of humour. I am married to Caroline and have 2 children, one at University and the other at 6th Form. Before I came to Bromsgrove, I was a curate in Tamworth; trained to be a vicar in Oxford; lived in Brixton South London and I am a Londoner. Most of my working life has been with the Church Army, where I worked with young people.

I am looking forward to becoming part of the amazing school family at St. John's and travelling with you all on life's journey. As a vicar, I am there to listen, to pray, to support, to encourage and to help you see where God is at this moment. This is what I offer to you and to that end I am your vicar, for children, families and staff at the school.

A church school is more than just providing an excellent education, it should be about learning to be a family together, to be there for each other and to find hope and purpose for the future. So whether you as a family go to church or not, go to a mosque or Temple, the church is there for you. I do have a terrible memory for names, but I always have a smile for everyone and hopefully we can grow together and have fun on the way!

Reverend Ray Khan
St. John’s Church, Bromsgrove