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St John's C of E Middle School Academy


The study of Geography at St John’s allows pupils to develop an understanding of the inter-linked relationships between the World around us and our interactions with it. It is a subject that is essential in examining and assessing our place within the World currently and for generations to come.

In their study of Geography, pupils will learn skills that are transferable to many other areas within the curriculum and in school life along with ‘real world situations’. Geography truly is a cross-curricular subject allowing pupils to apply their knowledge of numeracy, literacy and scientific skills in a ‘real life’ context.  Geography at St John’s allows pupils to analyse and understand problems either through independent learning or working as part of a team.

At St Johns we strive to keep the teaching of Geography relevant to current world issues; focussing on any geographical events occurring in the news, so inspiring our pupils to remain curious and fascinated about the wonderful World around us.