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Our Vision - The Importance of Music

Music is powerful. It is a vehicle through which we:

  • Are taught to communicate through sound
  • Realise our expressive voice through performance and creativity
  • Develop emotionally, spiritually and socially through exploring our cultural differences
  • Develop physically, through movement, dance and learning instruments
  • Enjoy and achieve, through participation
  • Can define ourselves, through reflection and forming opinions.

At St John’s we aspire to enable our students to enjoy a long-lasting relationship with music both during their time at school and beyond. To achieve this, we believe in offering students opportunities to acquire, and put to use, a dynamic skills set that makes it possible for them to perform, produce, reflect and evaluate musically.  We will foster and harness the musical progress of every child and nurture their growing, expressive creativity to the backdrop of an engaging, challenging and culturally varied curriculum.

KS2 - How Music Works

At KS2, the curriculum is based around the fundamental skills needed to be a good musician. We will perform, compose and develop our musical skills together. There is a strong focus on singing and the use of the voice. There are opportunities to experience high quality music from many cultural backgrounds.

KS3 - Music in Context

At KS3 the driving aim of the curriculum is to expose students to a wide range of music from different times, cultures and traditions through a musically diverse and comprehensive scheme of work that focuses on contextual understanding.  Students will develop the inter-related skills of performing, composing, listening and appraising.  Students will focus on when, how and why music was created.